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our policies

  • Our Customer’s Satisfaction.
  • Applying the most Recent Technologies.
  • Delivery on Time.
  • Accomplishment of the Project within the Budget.
  • Quality: eConsulting ltd. is a quality provider of software maintenance solutions...
  • Pricing: Our astounding price is what makes the crucial difference for our customers...

Our products and services

This short list demonstrates you a general outline of our services for various industries:
* Internet / Intranet applications
* Development of Client-Server applications
* Development of communication components
* Design & development of Web-based applications
* Software testing
* Electronic commerce
* Security


Our project and development team leaders conduct their daily activities according to our unique methodology in areas of remote planning, analysis, design, development and integration. We have already launched a site based on our remote development model that will give our clients continuous access to their current project. Finally, our unique development model also includes our ability to relay and coordinate our team's project and development efforts between both European and North American time zones. As a result, this unique "relay team" approach allows us to produce deliverables ahead of schedule.

Where to start

Send us an email or go here. The person responsible for the first cooperation contact will email or call you. eConsulting ltd. wants every outsourcing customer to experience the benefits of our approach as if they were located next door. Talk to us about your specific needs. We will propose you one of cooperation schemes for the developing