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The Internet and personal computers have dramatically changed the way digital media content, such as music, films, and books, are produced, distributed and consumed. Downloading encoded files has gained acceptance among Internet-savvy users because it provides immediate access to desired content and does not require a trip to a store or reliance on physical media, such as a CD or DVD. However, digital media content that is available for sale on the Internet is still limited, as content owners, artists, and publishers are concerned about protecting their copyrighted works from illegal use. As the market evolves and content owners explore new ways to enable different business models, more premium content will become available on the Internet.Before owners of premium digital media content will offer their valuable content for sale or promotion, a secure e-commerce system that protects digital content from illegal use is needed. A critical component of any such e-commerce system is Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is a set of technologies content owners can use to protect their copyrights and stay in closer contact with their customers.In most instances, DRM is a system that encrypts digital media content and limits access to only those people who have acquired a proper license to play the content. That is, DRM is a technology that enables the secure distribution, promotion, and sale of digital media content on the Internet.

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