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Subscription Services

Today, consumers can download thousands of tracks to their computers from a variety of content services for a low monthly subscription fee. However, this subscription content hasn't been transferable to portable devices. Windows Media DRM 10 solves this issue by providing platform technology that allows content services to deliver content with expanded business rules and enables devices to support those business rules. This means that subscription content can flow to devices, making subscriptions more valuable to consumers. For instance, consumers will be able to download a virtually unlimited number of tracks through their subscription, play them as often as desired, and transfer them to any device that supports Windows Media DRM 10. These tracks will be linked to licenses that have start and end dates. At the end of the billing period, the consumer connects to the content service provider and licenses are automatically refreshed provided the consumer has paid the fee. Otherwise, the licenses simply expire.

Purchase and Download Single Tracks

In this scenario, consumers purchase and download tracks protected with Windows Media DRM from content service providers on a per-track basis as opposed to the subscription model. This remains a very popular scenario and a wide variety of service providers use Windows Media DRM to protect such content today.

Digital Media Preview-and-Purchase

Using Windows Media Rights Manager, a retail Web site offers consumers the option to preview songs before buying them. The consumer is allowed to download any song and play it two times in exchange for registering with the service. The third time the consumer attempts to listen to the file, he is taken directly to the retailers Web site, where he is given instructions on how to purchase the music. The content owner is able to promote its recording artists and albums on the Internet while cutting down on marketing costs and also to use registration information to strengthen its mailing list.

Live DRM: Enjoying Concerts and Sports Events in Real Time

With Windows Media DRM, content owners can deliver protected live digital media content—such as news, rock concerts, or major sporting events—over the Internet as the events are happening, without requiring that the content first be batched and saved. For example, a music label could offer consumers a customizable concert package with a choice of upcoming performances. After the transaction is complete, consumers can watch the protected live performances streamed over the Internet as they occur.

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