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Microsoft, along with most of the software industry, has battled piracy for many years. As a result, Microsoft has gained a deep understanding of the damage that the copying of digital media can do to artists and corporations alike. With Windows Media DRM, content providers can now use license registration and media file encryption to protect their digital media rights and stay closer to their customers.
Windows Media DRM was first released in August 1999. The latest release, Windows Media DRM 10 Series, includes both server and client software development kits (SDKs) that enable programs to protect and play back digital media files. Using the Windows Media Rights Manager SDK, developers can create applications that encrypt digital media files and issue licenses for those digital media files. Such files can be either streamed or downloaded to the consumer's PC. Using the DRM component in the Windows Media Format SDK, developers can enable applications to acquire licenses and decrypt protected media files. The consumer can then play the digital media files back on media players and applications that utilize the DRM component in the Windows Media Format SDK and compatible portable devices. Together with the latest Windows Media Encoder 9 Series, Windows Media DRM 9 Series can also support real-time encryption, encoding and encrypting the file simultaneously such that the content is never in the clear prior to delivery.

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